16 Real estate tips


1. In 2014 be an expert in real estate, not just an agent. If you’re not already, then learn. Expert means to know what is happening in the market, to anticipate developments, to understand what customers want and to help them quickly and in their interest. People like to buy from experts, not from middlemen. If you prove that you are an expert, your customers will bring you and other customers will come back to you whenever they can.

2. Your mission in 2014: gaining confidence. How? Offering guarantees. Find out the reasons why the potential customers do not trust you. Removes all negative elements of your work. Be honest, even if that means not tell the customer what they want to hear. Guarantee the quality! Be ready to provide free if you charged a fee, and your customers are not satisfied.

3. Go Social! If 2014 does not know how to use social media to your advantage, then no point in trying again. Not just Facebook, G +, or Twitter, and YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn are free environments promote excellent real estate marketing tools that will out from the crowd. You just have to be willing to learn. Or pay someone who knows how to do. As others pay you for what you do.

4. Pictures. Professional photos, pictures impeccable. Take a photography course real estate and investing in equipment. Pictures of the phone for a property that you want to cash a fee of 3000 euro and why over three years will blame the crisis for not selling. If you have talent or time, accept it and hire someone. A worthwhile. At least three quarters of your customers think of your eyes.

5. Relate. Your clients should be friends. Want exclusive? Friends are usually exclusive. Therefore we must keep in touch with customers to call their day to know more about their family, about their passions.

6. Attention to detail. A property that can be sold, has at least one strong point: maybe it is south-facing and has a large terrace, top finishes, nice neighbors, parking, pantry full. Identifies and highlights these advantages. The offer is huge, you have to differentiate somehow.

But you have to know when to quit. If you do not find any strong point, do not waste your time with that property. Even if it is at a good price. In 2013, if customers will buy from you just because you have a good price, they will try to jump whenever they could. A customer who looks only at money will not feel like you pay your fee.

7. Networking. Businesses are not only good in the office. Even the phone. Be familiar with all seminars, business events, training in your city. Be active and follows all the news. Develop strategic partnerships with other companies that address the same market as yours. Share business cards and make yourself known.

8. Video. Hire a semi-professional or learn basic shooting without shaking your hand. Promotes complete your most valuable properties. Use YouTube and you’ll be easier to find customers. A good movie for a good property will promote yourself.

9. Invest in brand. Brand communication is not just street banners and branded pens. Brand marketing is invisible item that will make your customers think of you before searching on google. You do not need big budget to initiate a brand communication: just determine what you want to communicate and set a set of rules to follow; burn your car, you put on properties that promote, take care that all your employees have promotional materials to them, and all customers who leave you to retain the company name.

10 .Surprise your customers. An old marketing strategy says to promise less and deliver more (under promise, over Deliver). In our real estate is just the opposite. You promised a lot, hide flaws, things that are highlighted there. In 2013 seeks to highlight strengths and always have an ace up his sleeve: support negotiation, explanation contract support funding, useful contacts.

11. Adwords. € 100 monthly budget for your offers means half of your fee for renting an apartment environment. £ 450 you can get 1285 monthly clicks (brand) at an average cost of 0.35 euro / click. At a conversion rate of 1% can have 15 clients per month. From which to collect 100 euros on average. Do you accounts.

Adwords's no longer a fad. Many businesses rely on the pay per click. Interests you, invest in site, allocate a budget, developing campaigns. Use professionals. In addition, Adwords may be the only means of communication with the Romanians abroad.

12. Increase conversions. If you or your agency received 20 calls each month, of which only two are potential customers, you have two possible problems: either your offer is bad, or your employees are simply boutique vendors. Explain what it means conversion required reports, are the reasons why they do not perform well. Invest in training, hire people who know how to talk on the phone, to be present and focus until after the transaction.

13. Research the market. Find out where your client. Do not assume. Find exactly! Go to it. I know real estate companies supporting presentations in corporate offices. It’s obvious why. There is their target. Do not waste your promotional message in locations where you do not know exactly where your customers are there. It’s like you’re selling cucumbers at a fair rental. It is possible that 10% of the total population there to eat cucumbers. But: 1 not what is there. 2 is 10% and that they are likely to be 70%.

Remember that your clients are all different. Treat them differently.

14. outdoor events. It’s hard to attract customers sitting between four walls. Most building projects say that training the people dynamic, active, young families with children ride bikes and young couples sitting on the green grass with mountains in the back. Why not really? Organizes and sponsors events with cyclists, children, culture outdoor rallies aviation sports. Anything to show that you are who you claim you are.

15. Assessment, targets, reporting, feedback, follow-up. Jargon sales. But anyway. Make a coherent policy. Targets requires not impossible if reports are inaccurate. Do not ask for reports, if you can not do valuations. Feedback from customers will help you adjust targets based, and follow-up to loyal customers.

16. Do not forget the community.  Mine gold property, because they come with cash, do not depend on financing, rush when buying and regular season (the holidays). How do you get them? You can try AdWords campaigns targeting locations that you know are strong  communities. And exclusive ads browsers setting  to minimize costs.

But you can try to go to them. When you do your holiday in Spain or Italy, trying to find out what events are, where they are and how you know them as easily.

Rush customer is not comfortable. Is directly proportional to the commission they deserve.